What is the difference between Starter, Standard, and Gold tiers?

Our starter tier is aimed at begineers, who are new to reselling or maybe just want personals. It only offers 5 providers, which greatly limits the number of proxies you can have at once. As you upgrade to Standard or Gold, more features and providers are introduced. The standard and gold versions also offer a script that allows you to create 200 proxies without having to get any limit increase, as well as a standalone squid installer to create proxies from ANY provider manually.

How many proxies can I create?

Our program allows you to create proxies directly from VPS providers. This means that the providers decide how many servers/proxies you are allowed to have deployed at once. Expect to create 30-100 with starter, 700-2,000 with Standard, and 2,000-5,000+ with Gold. Standard and Gold tiers are guarenteed to be able to create 200 proxies INSTANTLY, without needing to get a limit increase.

Do these proxies work on every site?

These proxies are datacenter VPS proxies, therefore they will work best and more likely not be banned on Shopify, Footsites, Nike and Supreme. They may work on sites such as Adidas but there is a a higher chance of them being subnet banned. 

What providers are featured?

Depending on your tier, you will have a range of different providers. Starter tier has just 5 providers, Standard includes 20 providers, and Gold gives you a total of 35+. We keep the specific provider names confidential to ensure they are unsaturated and unbanned.

How long does it take to create proxies?

The process is fully automated, so it will take under 5 minutes for the servers to be fully provisioned and for the proxies to be ready. The process of creating them on the users end takes merely seconds.

Do I still have to pay for proxies?

Yes, you will still have to pay a very small provision fee with the provider when you create proxies. The fees can range anywhere from $.005-$.02 an hour per server. We recommend deleting your proxies as soon as you are done using them to keep this cost low. Expect to pay around $1 an hour for 100 proxies.

What locations can I create proxies in?

Our providers allow you to be able to create proxies in almost every major region in the world. US, UK, EU, CA, and Asian regions.